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[10/09/2018] Quadratec’s representation of Robotic end of arm tooling is increasing

Mechanical Design

Quadratec is an Advanced Product Technology Engineering company involved in engineering product design, research/development and the design and manufacture of special purpose test/production equipment and instrumentation. Our team of experienced designers and engineers have provided many innovative solutions to complex technical problems for a large variety of Advanced Engineering Products and Machines, using a multidisciplinary approach. This is based around 3D Mechanical CAD, Stress & Vibration Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electronics and Control & Instrumentation software skills. Typical product and equipment areas include:

  • Special purpose assembly machine - roboticAerospace Equipment, Structures and Propulsion
  • Rail & Automotive Vehicles and Equipment
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Products
  • Turbomachinery & High Speed Rotating Equipment
  • Advanced Scientific Instruments
  • White Goods and Vending Machines
  • Special Purpose Assembly & Test Machinery
  • Data Acquisition & Control Software

Quadratec uses SolidWorks as its main 3D Mechanical CAD engineering software. This is supported by 2D AUTOCAD for layout work and electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic schematics. The 3D CAD system forms the backbone of our advanced engineering analytical capability, by integrating directly with our COSMOS DesignStar Finite Element Analysis software, for stress and vibration analysis, as well as Blue Ridge Numerics CFDesign for Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis. This enables us to offer a very rapid, integrated, cost-effective and comprehensive design optimisation capability.

Design & development of washing machine drum assemblyDesign of automated coin bagging cell, robotic handling cell