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Electronic Design and Software

Quadratec has always been involved in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products, special purpose automation equipment, test equipment and instrumentation. Many of these have required electronics & electrical design, micro-controllers, PLC Control and PC Data Acquisition & Control Systems. Quadratec is therefore able to offer a comprehensive capability in this area for most advanced technology applications. This can vary from relatively simple PLC control using Siemens LOGO and Mitsubishi Alphas to PIC chips, PCB Design and integrated systems using both PLCs and National Instruments’ 'Labview' for Data Acquisition and Control.

PCB CAD Design

To supplement our extensive 3D mechanical and electrical engineering design capability, we are often involved in the design of PCBs as part of a product design/development project or as part of a piece of machinery or equipment we produce. For this we have the in-house capability to design multi-layer boards using through hole or Surface Mount Technology.

design multi-layer PCB boardsPCB CAD �?Circuit Board Design

National Instruments 'LabView'

National Instruments Labview �?Data Acquisition, Data Manipulation National Instruments 'Labview' has been used on a wide range of projects as the primary Data Acquisition, Data Manipulation and Control functioning software. Quadratec has extensive experience in the specification and completion of the software code necessary to undertake highly complex tasks. This involves:

  • Identify Data Acquisition & Control requirements
  • Specify Instrumentation & Control Hardware
  • Identify Safety related issues
  • Specification of Industrial PC system
  • Identify appropriate DAQ Cards & Systems
  • Identify & Produce Main Control Screens & Code
  • Produce Support Documentation
  • Software Support & Upgrades

Typical projects undertaken using 'Labview' include:

PLC Control

Quadratec has produced a wide variety of PLC control systems using, principally, Mitsubishi and Siemens PLCs. These have varied from relatively simple control systems using Function Block Diagrams (FBDs) with less than 30 I/O for small semi-automated workstations, to large +100 I/O systems for the control of complex machines with multiple data, control and safety requirements. These may often have their own HMI, or be coupled to a customised display option.

PLC Control Systems