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Project Management

Quadratec provide product technology engineering development services from idea conception through design, research & development to manufacture or transfer to the pre-production or full-scale production stage. The aim through this process is to deliver innovative solutions with:

  • Significant product performance advantages
  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased commercial return
  • Reduced technical and commercial risk 

A key aspect to this process is project management and so we provide all the necessary project management systems and capability required to ensure the smooth and timely progress of the project from the start of the initial design phase to completion of manufacture and all necessary product/project support. Each project is allocated a Project Engineer or Manager, who has a detailed technical understanding of the project and is responsible for solving day to day issues as well as driving the project timescales and deliverables.

partnershipProject Managing  Product Technology Engineering

Following an initial project meeting with the client, the project will be broken down into work packages around appropriate assembly and component levels and continuously monitored. The client will be kept fully up-dated with progress using either ‘in-house’ or client specified project management software.

We will set up an Engineering Co-ordination Memo system with the client, as required, to ensure a monitored and traceable flow of information.

A number of formal project reviews will be undertaken as required by the project and client. Typically, this will include, an initial design review, usually followed by a 30% and 90% design review to ensure that formal design gates are passed. Other smaller reviews and discussions will also take place during the design process, as required, to progress the design and ensure that the design is fully acceptable to the client. Other key reviews will then take place during the manufacturing and build phase, often resulting in a final pass-off or factory acceptance test, depending on the actual project.

We also offer development and product support throughout the entire product lifecycle, if required.