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OnRobot is attending the International Manufacturing Technology Show
[10/09/2018] Quadratec’s representation of Robotic end of arm tooling is increasing

Quadratec’s representation of Robotic end of arm tooling is increasing


As a Distributor and Product Support Representative in the UK and Ireland for OptoForce, we are very excited at the recently released news that three innovative end-of-arm tooling companies, one of which being OptoForce, will be merging together to facilitate the ongoing growth of collaborative robotics.
The new company combines U.S. based Perception Robotics, Hungary based OptoForce and Denmark based On Robot, to become OnRobot.  While the headquarters will be in Odense, the three entities will continue their individual operations and development.
Companies Chosen for Synergies, Ease of Integration, Vision
The three companies that will form the new OnRobot were chosen because of their synergistic end-of-arm technologies, the ability of these technologies to easily integrate to provide improved support and the long-term vision and capabilities of each company’s founders.

• On Robot, founded in 2015, provides plug-and-play electric grippers — RG2 and RG6 — that mount directly on the robot arm, they are highly flexible and are simple enough to be programmed and operated from the same interface as the robot without the need of high level programmers.

• OptoForce, founded in 2012, provides force/torque sensors that bring the sense of touch to industrial robots so that they can automate tasks that would otherwise require the dexterity of the human hand.

• Perception Robotics, founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, develops bio-inspired robot grippers: 1) a gecko-inspired gripper for handling large, flat objects and 2) a tactile gripper with compliant rubber tactile sensors (“skin”) to give robots a sense of touch. Its first grippers will be available this year.