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Technology Research & Development

The application of advanced product technology engineering and use of effective research & development is a vital aspect of product development for today’s markets. This is true for both complex, advanced multi-technology products as well as relatively simple ones. In today’s highly competitive markets, this can make all the difference between success and failure, with a company’s growth being heavily determined by its intellectual property. At Quadratec we have a team of engineers and scientists dedicated to creating new technologies which provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

Computational fluid dynamics - Electrolyser Cell FlowFinite Element Analysis  Deflection Plot 01

We have been involved in many technology based, advanced engineering research & development projects, leading to a long track record of success in developing industrial products and systems. Typically, these fall into the following broad categories:

  • Aerospace Equipment, Structures and Propulsion
  • Rail & Automotive Vehicles and Equipment
  • Medical Instruments, Aids & Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Renewable Energy Products – Wind, Wave & Tidal Turbines & Devices
  • Turbomachinery & High Speed Rotating Equipment
  • Advanced Scientific Instruments
  • Instrumentation, Data Acquisition & Control Software
  • Wind Tunnel & Aerodynamic Equipment
  • Consumer & Industrial Products
  • Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Electrolysers
  • Advanced Battery Technology & Energy Storage Devices
  • Micro-fluidic Devices & Nanotechnology

Turbine Test Rig AnalysisTechnology Research & Development

Based on the above, we have been involved in either the complete product development process, from initial idea all the way through to series production, or various individual aspects of the development process. Our main areas of capability include:

Aerodynamic and turbomachinery test Process development machineryProduct design and development

Technology, research & development is integrated into the heart of the overall product innovation process and by co-locating our engineers with designers, electronics and software engineers, we ensure direct communications between disciplines, so allowing us to optimise the design solution and deliver to tight timescales.

Finally, a major part of the product development process is the testing and experimental phase. To enable us to undertake this work, we have the following capabilities and facility options:

  • Test Rig Design And Manufacture
  • Instrumentation Design & Manufacture
  • PC Based 'LabView' DAQ Systems Design
  • Instrumentation System Calibration
  • Internal or External Testing Capability
  • University/Test House Collaboration