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Aerodynamic & Turbomachinery Test Equipment, Instrumentation

Some of the earliest Test Rig applications using our engineering capability were concerning the design and manufacture of Aerodynamic Test Equipment for Turbomachinery Test Rigs, Wind Tunnels and other Aerodynamic/Hydrodynamic Applications.

Our background and engineering capabilities in gas turbine & electro-mechanical design, analysis and their associated test rigs and instrumentation, enables us to design and manufacture a wide range of Aerodynamic Test Equipment. This includes Gas Turbine Test Rigs; Wind and Water Turbine Test Rigs; Wind Tunnel Equipment from Model Support and Motion Systems, to small and large Probe Traverse Systems and Aerodynamic Instrumentation. We have undertaken projects for a range of types and sizes of Turbines and Wind Tunnels, including small scale university Turbines & Wind Tunnels, Formula 1 Wind Tunnels, Industrial Research Model Turbines, full size Development Turbines, Low Speed Aerospace Wind Tunnels and large Automotive Wind Tunnels.

Turbine Test Rig - Turbine Rig Inlet Pressure & Temperature InstrumentWind Tunnel Equipment - Wind Tunnel Tripod Model Support SystemTurbine Test Rig Analysis

Typical equipment categories are as follows:

  • Wind Tunnel Model Motion and Support Systems
  • Wind Tunnel Probe Traversing Systems
  • Aerodynamic Instrumentation, Gas Turbine Probes & Traversing Systems
  • Turbomachinery Test Rigs and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) - PC & PLC control
  • Scaled Wind and Water Turbine Test Rigs
  • Data Acquisition/Instrumentation Systems using NI 'LabView'

Rotordynamic Test Rig - Aero Engine Ground Test Intake Instrumentation Turbine Test Rig - Contra Rotating Statorless Turbine Rig

Typical examples of Aerodynamic Equipment previously produced are as follows:

Examples of further projects that could be undertaken by Quadratec are:

  • Wind tunnel model motion system
  • Scaled wind test rig
  • Scaled water turbine rig
  • Wind tunnel test equipment
  • Open circuit wind tunnel
  • Closed circuit wind tunnel
  • Anechoic wind tunnel
  • Subsonic wind tunnel
  • Supersonic wind tunnel
  • Sting support system
  • Aircraft wind tunnel
  • Aircraft wind tunnel equipment
  • Automotive wind tunnel equipment
  • Research wind tunnel
  • Research wind tunnel equipment
  • F1 wind tunnel
  • F1 wind tunnel equipment
  • High speed wind tunnel
  • Wind tunnel instrumentation
  • Wind tunnel fans
  • Hypersonic wind tunnel equipment
  • Wind tunnel data acquisition systems
  • Aerodynamic & Wind Tunnel Probe Traversing Equipment

Some of these are described in more detail in ‘Case Studies’.

Vertical acting wind turbine simulator