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[10/09/2018] Quadratec’s representation of Robotic end of arm tooling is increasing

High Speed Rotating Machinery

One particular capability of Quadratec is the design and manufacture of high speed rotating equipment for a range of applications. As the technology level behind many rotating machinery applications increases, this often results in increasing speeds, power requirements and rotor mass. The design of these systems therefore requires a detailed understanding of drive system design and stress analysis, bearings, lubrication systems, sealing and rotordynamics.  

3 axis probe traversing systemSpecial Purpose Machinery - High Speed Seal Test Rig

Our capability and expertise is based on the design and analytical experience gained in designing a significant number of gas turbines, axial flow compressor rigs and axial flow turbine rigs. These required not only an advanced engineering mechanical design capability but also both stressing and vibration assessment capabilities of complex, high temperature blade and disc geometry, as well as support casings and rotor shaft assembly systems. A key aspect of this is the shaft system Rotordynamics Analysis, which ensures the smooth running of the Rotor design and that the maximum speed is attainable. We can therefore now apply these skill sets to the design of other types of high speed rotating equipment, enabling us to be one of a few companies that can successfully undertake this kind of work. Typical equipment categories are as follows: 

Special Purpose Machinery - High Speed Seal Test RigSpecial Purpose Machinery - High Speed Seal Test Rig

Typical examples of High Speed Rotating Equipment previously produced are as follows:

Examples of further projects that could be undertaken by Quadratec are:

  • Mechanical seal test machine
  • High speed seal test machine
  • High speed bearing test rig
  • Compressor test rig
  • High speed spin test machine
  • Turbocharger test rig
  • Turbocharger test rig
  • Rotordynamic test rig

Some of these are described in more detail in ‘Case Studies’.