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OnRobot is attending the International Manufacturing Technology Show
[10/09/2018] Quadratec’s representation of Robotic end of arm tooling is increasing

Machinery, Automation & Robotics

With an engineering capability and expertise in electro-mechanical design and analysis, motion systems design, sensor application, PC & PLC control and data acquisition; this has enabled Quadratec to design and manufacture a broad range of technically complex Automation Workstations. These have been used for both Production and Development Testing environments, using a wide range of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical actuators and industrial robots. Further, with our structural design and mechanical integrity capability, we have established a significant capability in the design of Robotic Arms for specific traversing applications, as discussed in the Traverse Systems section.

Special Purpose Machinery - High Speed Seal TestRigRobotic system design and analysis

These Automated and Semi-Automated Workstations are usually bespoke pieces of equipment for specific applications and are often based on either standard aluminium building frame structures or a steel fabricated frame (depending on the nature of the machine), with a substantial top plate. Typical types of application are as follows:

  • PC & PLC controlled Production Automation Assembly Equipment
  • Special Purpose, Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Multi-axis, Special Purpose, Robotic Traversing & Positioning Systems
  • Special Purpose Robotic Cell Equipment
  • Robot Sensing Instrumentation Development & NI 'Labview' Data Acquisition Systems
  • PC & PLC Controlled

Bespoke Test Machine - Automated Gearbox Switch Test Workstation Automated Test Machines - Automotive Air Conditioning System Automated Leak TestBespoke Test Machines - PCB Test Workstation

Typical examples of Automation & Robotic Equipment previously produced are as follows:

Examples of further projects that could be undertaken by Quadratec are:

Some of these are described in more detail in ‘Case Studies