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Traversing Systems

Based on the skills used in designing and manufacturing our automation and robotic applications and, coupled with our structural design and analytical capability, Quadratec has developed a significant expertise and capability in the design and manufacture of multiple axis traversing systems for specific applications. Some of these applications use existing, OEM manufactured traverse actuators, whilst for others we design and manufacture specific systems. For some particular applications, such as wind tunnel traversing systems, these are effectively multi-axis, special purpose robots.

3 axis probe traversing systemF1 wind tunnel model support and traverse systemCAD Neutron Detector Traverse System

These systems are usually designed for a high degree of accuracy, over relatively large traversing envelopes. This requires a high stiffness, lightweight design using advanced materials such as high strength steels, titanium and aluminium alloys, as well as high stiffness carbon fibre composite. High stiffness, lightweight, low to zero backlash motor gearbox drive systems (often using Harmonic drives as a key part of the drive-line), advanced position detection using linear and rotary encoders, laser alignment systems and clash detection systems are also used in the design. These are usually controlled via a PC control system and 19” rack mounted Controller. Typical applications are:

  • Data Acquisition, Control & Instrumentation Systems using NI 'LabView'
  • Aerodynamic & Wind Tunnel Probe Traversing Equipment
  • Gas Turbine Probe Traversing Systems
  • Scientific Research & Instrumentation Calibration Traversing Equipment
  • Automated Production Line Traversing Test & Assembly Equipment 

Wind Tunnel Supplier - Wind Tunnel XYZ Traverse - Aerodynamic & Wind Tunnel Probe Traversing EquipmentBespoke Machinery - Standard Gas Turbine Traverse Installation

Typical examples of Traversing Equipment and Systems previously produced are as follows:

Examples of further projects that could be undertaken by Quadratec are:

  • Instrument traverse system
  • Multi axis traverse system
  • Two axis traverse system
  • Three axis traverse system
  • Tangential traverse system
  • Cartesian traverse system
  • Probe traverse system
  • Rotary traverse system
  • Airflow test traverse system
  • Circumferential traverse system

Some of these are described in more detail in ‘Case Studies’.