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Design & Innovation

Quadratec Limited is a product technology engineering company that develops innovative, new products and machines in the industrial, aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer and power generation/renewable sectors. Our integrated innovation process helps our customers take new, breakthrough products to market. We provide engineering product design and development services from idea conception through engineering design to technology research & development, technology transfer and production. This allows us to deliver innovative solutions with:

  • Significant product performance advantages
  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased commercial return
  • Reduced technical and commercial risk

Our approach is to try to achieve the greatest potential for both product and user by considering the user, the technology and the environment together. We have an experienced, multi-disciplinary team and the management processes to deliver.

Product development and analysis - CAD Portable SpectrometerPCB assembly handling design CADBespoke Test Machinery �?CAD High Speed Bearing Test Rig Assy

We start with the customer. We have a series of methods that help us to identify all our customer’s product specification needs, both essential and preferred, paying particular attention to the non-obvious aspects of the specification. We look for what customers really want, above and beyond just a specification and pure functionality. We are concerned with designing products that are ergonomic and satisfying to use.

This is then followed by investigating the design and technologies required, either by/from our in-house team, our customers’ team, academic institutions, research organisations etc. or any combination of the above, including developing technologies as necessary.

Product Technology Engineering �?Building Actuation System DesignBespoke Test Machine �?CAD Seal Head Tester AssySpecial Purpose Machinery - Process development machine

This is then passed into the preliminary design phase, where we produce a range of design configurations and concepts. These are then further honed and refined down to a short-list of preferred options, which are then investigated in more detail by our team of designers and engineers, producing preliminary CAD models and calculations to enable further selection to take place.

Finally, there is little point in creating functionally advanced designs if they cannot be manufactured effectively. At this stage, therefore, we also apply the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that the product is also optimised for manufacture, cost and reliability. To help with this, we have considerable experience in working with a large range of different manufacturing techniques, materials and contract manufacturers.

The best configurations are then put forward for design review with the client, prior to commencing more detailed design work packages using our extensive CAD and CAE capabilities.